IT Performance

Over the last 10 years we have done numerous structured IT performance analysis. All of them with a different result and outcome than first anticipated.

All of the Performance Analysis were executed in environments where there was no structured and ongoing performance monitoring in place.

The key to great performance in your IT environment, is for your team to understand the KPI's that makes up the best performance you can have, and where to focus your efforts and resources. We offer 3 services in this area:

1. Monitoring your Performance

sla reporting

  • Template-driven SLA definition
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure data analysis including end-user experience
  • SLA compliance calculation and breach forecasting with warning alerts
  • Automated Web-based SLA report generation and distribution
  • SLA compliance historical reporting with trend analysis
  • Protects existing investments with 3rd party tools data integration
  • Operational level agreement (OLA) monitoring with service desk integrations
  • Uniquely positioned to support ITIL, Six Sigma, and other quality improvement initiatives

complete infrastructure monitoring

  • Application Response Time Monitoring
  • Web-based Services Response Time Monitoring
  • Email Response Time Monitoring
  • Directory Services Response Monitoring
  • Database Response Time Monitoring
  • Network Response Time Monitoring

end user response time monitoring

  • Active
  • Passive

2. How to monitor your
"Outsourcing Partner"

  • Setting the SL KPI's and monitoring them

3. How to evaluate your IT Performance
and plan for improvement