Consulting Services

in short:

We gather hard performance information, Establish key performance focus points and suggest possible solutions!

our vision is that:

It is not enough to know that "All IT systems show's green on the board"!

We need to know that the systems are running at its absolute best!...
We also need to clarify where resources are best spend, in order to enhance the overall performance of the systems!

our mission is to:

Provide you with the right tools and insight, so you and your team can make better decisions on how to improve performance, from end user to back-end servers. To pinpoint your focus on where optimisation is needed and how to make your IT run faster and thereby be more maneuverable.

answer questions like:

  • Did this systems upgrade improve our performance?
  • Did these Infrastructure/Architecture/Configuration changes improve performance?
  • What is the Cost/Performance ratio (CPR) on any given IT investment?

All of this can only be accomplished by continually measuring the performance of your business service components. If you ask yourself .. "How can I centrally assess and manage all these business service components?" .. well that's the easy part. The hard part for you, based on your key performance indicators, is to prioritize your resource's for optimum performance.

Best practise, standardization, Outsourcing, Cloud computing, Social Networking, E-mail, Video Conferencing, Web etc., are all tools deployed or can be, in order to run your business. What ever tools you have implemented in your organization, and for whatever strategic reason, they most probably don't work for optimal performance. Hence you spend resources where no performance is gained.

typical indicators of non-performance can be:

  • Decreasing End user performance
  • Network latency hicks
  • Servers that slow down over time
  • Service desk putting out fires that are not there
  • Monitor boards are all green but still "System not responding"
  • More and faster hardware but no significant "visible" performance improvement
  • Outsourcing partner's SLA says: "All is fine!" but Response Time are visible down

Infrastructure, Architecture, Collaborative- and Performance Management Software, are all an integrated part of how we advice our clients to maximize business benefit.